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anatoliyfrolov's Journal

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Anatoliy Frolov
18 September
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His gigs visiters says:

"I've heard his sets. It's amazing, go on!"...

"His music makes me breathing away. It gives a lot of emotions, and it's very positive"...

"He have broke my brain in the best sense of this phrase"...

For more than 10 years of his career, Anatoly has gone from a young school DJ to producer, who releases his music at domestic and foreign labels, and he has won hearts of quality sound believers.

Over the previous years, Anatoly had to be done: successfully represented his native republic at national

Delphic games, participated in a hip-hop festival "Kofemolka" as a sound engineer/composer of 'Ice Land' band, have got status of "number one" DJ in his native area and have established his own radio show 'Trance Sense' on Trance.FM

His sets represents dangerous mix of progressive house, electro, breaks, trance and techno. But not WHAT he plays and HOW he do it lays in the heart of his success. And here Anatoliy's talent to feel the mood of the party, find that invisible thread that lies between him and the people on the dancefloor helps.

Due to special manner of playing Anatoly participated in different gigs involving an absolutely versatile projects such as: Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert, Bart Claessen, Ronski Speed, Moonbeam, Feel, PROFF, Anton Firtich, Tenthu, Monaque, Riga, Polina, Andrey Vakulenko, Whizzkidz, Sanches, Polina, Titov, Night Train, Jim, Ki.Mi, Golden and others.

A lot of work was done, but more needs to be done. And you'll be a witness of it!

Social capital

  • less than 10